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If you’re looking for oven repairs in Stoke on Trent, give the experts here at 0800 Repair Stoke on Trent a call. We take great pride in offering a swift, reliable and affordable appliance repair service that will restore full function and prolong the life of your appliance.

No matter what the problem, we have the expertise to help. In fact we are so confident in the ability of our engineers that we don’t charge for call outs and offer a no fix, no fee guarantee! From minor problems such as faulty door seals or replacement hinges, to more serious issues such as damaged oven elements, faulty thermostats and replacement fan motors.Read more

We always endeavour to provide a fast service because we understand the inconvenience of broken appliances. Thanks to our years of experience repairing ovens in Stoke on Trent we have not only developed a trusted reputation but also a wealth of knowledge that enables our team to find the root cause of any problem quickly.

Simply give us a call to discuss your oven repair solution today.

Oven Repair Specialists

  • Replacement Oven Elements
  • Faulty Hotplates
  • Interior Light Not Working
  • Replacement Handles
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • New Fan Motors
  • Replacement Door Hinges

Oven Repair

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